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MSHS Metalock Engineering USA (MME)

Motor-Services Hugo Stamp (MSHS) and Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH's (MEG) joint venture MSHS Metalock Engineering USA (MME) has been created to strengthen the MSHS offering of diesel engine services with specialized On Site Crankshaft Journal Machining Repair for the Marine and Stationary power markets. General On Site Machining such as Flange Facing, Drilling and Line Boring of engine main journal bores, wear and tear to rudder bores or emergency situations are offered globally.

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Our Services and Solutions

Crankshaft journal repair - Customized tools for all engine makes and/or models. Mobile machining tools - Minimize engine and other large equipment downtime. Experienced factory-trained MSHS Metalock Engineering USA engineers.

2- and 4-stroke diesel engine failure on a vessel or stationary power plant can cause extremely high costs and tremendous downtime. Our On Site/In-Situ machining services eliminate some of these costs and reduce downtime caused by the complete disassembly, removal, and transport of damaged engine parts.

  • Crank Shaft Journal Repair

    On Site machining for 2- and 4- stroke diesel engine crankshaft journals.

  • Line Boring

    Line boring main & auxiliary engines and rudder bores are some of the services we offer this industry.

  • Flange Facing

    Plane surfaces that are no longer flat and therefore cause leakages are mechanically machined.

  • Milling

    Mechanically processed on-site through mobile milling units.

  • Drilling

    One-stop source from broken cylinder heads studs to stud holes repairs.

  • Inserts

    Refurbishing damaged thread holes.

  • Specialized Welding

    Certified welding procedures on-site/in-situ